How Can You Get Rid of Excessive Sweating?

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Clammy hands, sticky legs, and sweating through clothes can make it difficult to enjoy warm weather. We offer sympathetic relief for this normal but annoying problem at Pierre Skin Care Institute in Thousand Oaks, Cali. Our skilled experts can help you beat the heat and get rid of excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis with these fast-acting solutions.

Immediate Relief

There are many easy ways to stop sweating uncomfortably. If you’re sick of feeling sweaty and want to end this problem fast, these short-term treatments will give you immediate results that you can maintain from home.

Drysol Solution

For our patients in the Calabasas and Camarillo area, the constant heat is a constant reminder of excessive sweating. Our Drysol Solution is their path to comfort.

If you feel you’ve tried every antiperspirant on the shelf, our team at Pierre Skin Care Institute can help you with Drysol. If it’s the right treatment for you, we’ll write a prescription since Drysol isn’t available over-the-counter.

Drysol Solution is one of the simplest ways to put an end to hyperhidrosis. After applying the topical gel, patients feel immediate relief and a boost of confidence while enjoying the sunshine.

Oral Medication

Many patients who sweat uncomfortably in areas besides the underarms find success taking an oral medication called Robinul. Robinul tablets safely alter your body’s chemicals so sweat glands make less sweat.

Our patients’ safety is our top priority, so our skincare professionals assess the unique needs of each patient. We only prescribe this FDA approved treatment if it suits their lifestyle. Getting a prescription for Robinul is an effective alternative for patients who don’t want Botox injections or topical treatments.

Robinul reduces sweating and works well for our patients who don’t have time for many treatment appointments in their busy schedules. Patients simply take the tablet orally as recommended and notice reduced sweat production in less than a few hours.

Stop Excessive Sweating for Good 

Our team of experts at Pierre Skin Care Institute offers several treatments of excessive sweating with permanent results. These are completed at our clinic, so our patients can enjoy the wonderful Westlake Village warmth without worrying about frequent treatments.

Botox Injections

Injecting Botox into the area where you most experience uncomfortable perspiration keeps sweat glands from over-functioning for around six months.

Despite what you might expect, our team at the Pierre Skin Care Institute excels at easy, painless Botox injections. We offer numbing agents and other solutions so that our patients feel completely comfortable while receiving injections.

Botox merely limits the contraction of muscle tissues, so your body releases less moisture when experiencing heat outdoors in areas like Ventura. Our patients notice immediate benefits after Botox injections near their sweat glands, so they can get back to enjoying life in the beautiful Moorpark weather.

Electric Currents

Many patients with symptoms of hyperhidrosis find relief after a treatment called Iontophoresis. Iontophoresis is FDA approved and safely alters your body’s perspiration habits.  

Our professionals listen to the desires of each individual so they are satisfied and comfortable with the treatment and its results. Iontophoresis technology reduces sweating for patients, especially those wishing to reduce sweating throughout the body, instead of just one problem area.

How Iontophoresis Works

The process of iontophoresis is very simple. Our skilled skincare experts use electric currents to target the problem area, so we can treat even the smallest areas of hyperhidrosis. This introduces ionic medicinal compounds directly into the skin, which stop moisture production in the sweat glands. Patients see immediate perspiration reduction after their very first treatment.

It’s very important to continue treatments to create lasting relief for uncomfortable sweating. Generally, treatments last less than an hour and decrease in frequency as patients reach optimal comfort with their sweat production.


Pierre Skin Care Institute offers the newest solutions to hyperhidrosis, one of which is called MiraDry. This is a permanent solution to hyperhidrosis, so it’s perfect for individuals who do not wish to constantly maintain their ideal sweat levels over time and are looking for a long-term fix.

This safe and quick treatment utilizes microwave energy beams to target and remove sweat glands in the patient’s underarm area. Patients with sweating discomfort specifically under their arms experience the greatest success with this treatment.

We use the most modern methods of this treatment, so each patient experiences a painless solution to excessive sweating. MiraDry patients sweat less to finally feel comfortable and confident in their bodies.


We value our patients’ safety and well-being above all else. That’s why our team of skincare professionals only recommends a surgical treatment as a last resort for patients who suffer from hyperhidrosis.

Before deciding on a surgical solution, we’ll have you speak with our board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Peterson Pierre, to determine the best way to ensure you’re comfortable in your skin. If our experts determine surgery as the best method of helping a patient, we adhere to all safety precautions in this procedure.

Find the Treatment That’s Right for You

We know the heat in the Agoura Hills, Simi Valley, or Oxnard area can be uncomfortable, especially when you suffer from excessive sweating. We do everything we can to ensure our patients live as comfortably as possible in their skin.

If you want to get rid of uncomfortable sweating, schedule a consultation with the kind experts at the Pierre Skin Care Institute in Thousand Oaks, Cali. and discover your path to optimal comfort in your beautiful body.

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