Rosacea Treatment: What Are My Options?

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When you are dealing with rosacea, it’s a struggle. It isn’t a temporary problem or a nuisance that will go away. It is chronic. There may be times that it is worse than others as you deal with inflammation on your face. You may find yourself struggling with pustules, blood vessels that have become inflamed, or an extreme blush. If you don’t find the proper rosacea treatment, it will only become worse over time. You also need to be aware that there are triggers that make flare ups worse. Pay attention when you are eating spicy foods or dairy products. They may aggravate your condition. Stress could also contribute to the redness on your face. Keeping a journal of when you have outbreaks and what led to them could provide you with answers about your condition. Many people tend to cover up their rosacea with cosmetics. This could cause more irritation. You need to consider rosacea treatment options that can relieve some of your symptoms.


Medication May Help You to Manage Your Condition

There are several medications that have been found to be effective as rosacea treatment. Isotretinoin is a drug that is taken in oral form to combat the development of acne on your face. You’ll also find that various antibiotics may be effective when there is a bacterial connection to your skin condition. Other medications improve the red tone of your skin. In some cases, our experts may have you try a combination of all three types of medicine.


Consider Medical Treatments to Improve Your Condition

If medications are not effective in addressing the effects of rosacea, you can try alternatives such as dermabrasion, laser surgery, or intense pulses of light. All of these treatments are effective in resurfacing your skin in order to bring out your best.


Look at Changes You Can Make on Your Own

If you keep a journal about your rosacea flare ups, you can determine possible triggers. If you know that certain types of food are going to aggravate your condition, try eating smaller portions of these foods or substitute them for something else. You also need to include sunscreen as part of your daily regimen to avoid further irritation from the sun. Be selective in products you use to cleanse and moisturize your face. You only want products that have no irritants.


Talk to Our Doctor About Rosacea Treatment

One of the best moves you can make about rosacea is to speak up. Make an appointment to see our doctor. Express your concerns about your skin. Our doctor will ask you what products you are using, what is going on in your life, and if anything has been helpful in the past. You will work together to find the best way to treat the redness on your facial skin. It is tough when you have a condition that affects your face. You can’t hide all the time. With an effective solution, you won’t have to.


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