When Should You Consider Mole Removal?

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Moles are growths caused by pigment-producing cells that are found on the skin. They can be found anywhere on the body and can be flat or raised. They can be black, brown, blue, or the color of flesh. Some moles can be found on the body at birth, but most moles develop on the body between childhood and adulthood. Moles are a typical part of skin growth and are affected by sun exposure and genetics. Mole removal may be an option for many reasons. 

When Should Mole Removal Be Considered?

There are many reasons why people consider getting their moles removed. The first and most important reason is that the mole poses a threat to their health. Moles that turn cancerous should be removed immediately to prevent malignant cells from spreading to other parts of the body. Symptoms of a cancerous mole are noticeable changes of the mole’s surface, swelling or redness beyond the border of the mole, and a change of sensation in the mole. A cancerous mole can feel painful and tender to the touch. They can look like a lump or a bump, bleed, or appear scaly. Another reason why individuals get their moles removed is that they cause discomfort and pain. These troublesome type of moles are usually located in the creases of the legs, underarms, and the scalp. People who consider their moles to look unsightly have them removed to appear more attractive as well.

Types of Mole Removal Methods

Getting a mole removed is a straightforward and easy process. Visit a skin specialist for a consultation to get more information on the procedure. The specialist will examine the mole in detail and perform a biopsy if necessary. Once the state of the mole is determined, the specialist will go over the type of mole removal options available. There are several different types of mole removal procedures to consider. Excising the mole is one popular method. Another method is shaving off the unwanted mole. The doctor shaves down the mole with a scalpel. Once a mole is removed, it is important to protect the treated area by applying sunscreen and wearing long layered clothing when exposed to the sun. Be sure to check the skin monthly for any new growths.

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