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Collagen plays a critical role in keeping skin healthy, youthful-looking, and strong. Although its levels in the skin drop over time, what goes down can come up again with help from microneedling. Thousand Oaks’ Pierre Skin Care Institute offers the collagen-induction treatment for anyone who wants to address facial wrinkles, as well as acne scars.

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Pierre Skin Care Institute offers two variations on this treatment: The Exceed device, made by Candela, uses needles alone to stimulate collagen. Infini by Lutronic pairs the needles with radiofrequency energy delivery.

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How Does Microneedling Work?

When skin is injured, the wound triggers automatic healing processes, including the creation of new collagen. Microneedling takes advantage of this by using thin, short needles to create hundreds of nearly imperceptible microchannels in the skin’s surface.

The body treats each of these microchannels as a wound in need of repair. The resulting collagen boost closes the miniscule holes made by the microneedling device—but also improves the texture and tone of the healthy skin left intact around each column.

Learn the steps involved in microneedling at Thousand Oaks' Pierre Skin Care Institute.
Discover how microneedling at Thousand Oaks’ Pierre Skin Care Institute works to create channels and trigger collagen production in specialized cells for overall skin renewal.
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What Conditions Does Microneedling Address?

Exceed by Candela is the first microneedling device with a dual clearance: It is approved to treat both wrinkles and scars left by severe acne breakouts.

When combined with radiofrequency energy, as with Infini, microneedling can also have even more of a tightening effect, addressing some laxity in the face.

The Pierre Skin Care Institute team uses both forms of microneedling for acne scars, as well as giving the skin an overall smoother and more youthful look and feel.

What Is a Microneedling Session Like?

A microneedling session can last anywhere from about 20 minutes to an hour or so, with the specific duration determined by which area or areas are being treated. Discomfort is minimal, since the needles are so fine and penetrate to only a pre-set depth in the skin.

A session consists of a handheld device pressed directly against the surface of the skin, then moved around to ensure the microneedles create channels in the entire treatment area for even, natural-looking results.

Why Choose Pierre Skin Care Institute for Microneedling in Thousand Oaks?

Beautiful results from skincare treatments are most likely when skill and experience combine with advanced, proven technology. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Peterson Pierre prioritizes both at his practice: He built a team dedicated to creating an excellent patient experience and chose devices that have been thoroughly vetted and are known for their effectiveness.

What Happens After Microneedling?

Treated skin appears red and may feel sensitive in the hours following a session. Coloration and discomfort side effects should fade on their own as the skin heals and begins making collagen. Since neocollagenisis (the term for new collagen production) takes time, results appear over the course of weeks and months.

Dr. Pierre recommends that patients choosing Exceed get four treatments spread over 12 weeks for ideal results. Three to four Infini sessions are also recommended.

Dr. Peterson Pierre, Dermatologist
Dr. Pierre

Dr. Peterson Pierre

As a Stanford Medical School graduate and dermatologist certified by the American Board of Dermatology, Dr. Peterson Pierre ("the Gentle Injector") is a highly respected leader in the industry with a reputation for exceeding patient expectations.

Does Microneedling Have Side Effects?

In general, treated skin can look and feel irritated right after the session, as well as have a lingering redness that will fade over the next several days.

Microneedling for skin tightening can cause a tingling, itchy, or warm sensation that may last for up to two days.

Dr. Pierre will discuss rarer, but more dramatic side effects to watch for—such as bruising or peeling—at your consultation.

Are There More Treatments That Rejuvenate the Skin?

In order to meet the diverse skincare needs of a large population seeking help in the Thousand Oaks area, Dr. Pierre offers a range of cosmetic treatment options. Exfoliation is another strategy for prompting collagen production in addition to revealing a new layer of skin. Patients can choose from DermaSweep, DiamondGlow, and chemical peels.

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