Smooth Cellulite on the Buttocks in Thousand Oaks

Dimpled skin on the buttocks—known as cellulite—is a very common problem: An estimated 90 percent of all women develop it to some degree. While severing connective bands beneath the skin has been a go-to option for treating cellulite in the past, there is a new option with Qwo®. Thousand Oaks’ Dr. Peterson Pierre offers this injectable treatment, which can smooth out dimpled skin without the need for incisions or cutting.

Qwo® is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment for adult women’s moderate to severe cellulite.

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How Does Qwo® Work?

Cellulite forms because of tension in the skin, so Qwo® works by releasing that tension.

While fat is not the cause of cellulite, it does contribute to the problem. Bands of collagen hold the skin together, running from the underside of the surface to the tissues below. Sandwiched between these two layers are fat cells, which can push against the surface above. Many women find that the “force” of these fat cells pushing upward is enough to create dimpling in areas where the collagen tethers are strong and the skin itself is thinner.

In other words, the small puckers of cellulite indicate where bands— known as “fibrous septae”—are keeping the surface skin from being pushed out like the surrounding tissue.

Cutting these bands with scalpel-like blades is effective, but with Qwo®, that is no longer the only reliable method for treating cellulite.

The exact way Qwo® works is still being researched, but enough is known about the process for it to be considered both safe and effective. It seems to use chemicals to “cut the cords” of fibrous septae.

The process initiated by Qwo® is known as “enzymatic subcision and remodeling,” which works in three stages: First, the injectable chemically severs the connective collagen bands. Second, fat beneath the skin’s surface spreads out to form a more even layer—instead of bunching into segments separated by the bands. Third and finally, natural healing processes start to create skin-thickening collagen for a smoother look.

How Is Qwo® Administered?

Dr. Pierre will make up to 12 injections per buttock in the specific areas where cellulite is seen. A total of three treatment sessions is typically needed for ideal results, with each set of injections spaced 21 days apart.

Why Choose Pierre Skin Care Institute for Qwo® in Thousand Oaks?

Safety and proven results drive every procedure offered by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Peterson Pierre. He carefully researches and studies the options available for his patients, from tried-and-true methods to modern advances in technology and medicine, such as Qwo®. For established and new treatments alike, he applies his considerable experience and skill to make injections with precision and eye for the ultimate results.

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When Do Qwo® Results Appear?

Patients will see the their smoother skin develop by about 28 days after their third treatment session, since redistributing fat cells and rebuilding healthy collagen takes time.

It is possible for the body to grow new connective bands over time in the treated area, though these fresh strands of fibers should be thinner and less likely to cause cellulite in the same way.

Are There Qwo® Side Effects to Watch For?

The most commonly reported side effect of Qwo® is bruising at the injection sites, which tends to resolve in about two to three weeks, with no special care required.

What Treatments Are Available to Complement Qwo®?

Patients who want to treat pockets of fat, including on the buttocks, can choose CoolSculpting® to freeze the unwanted fat cells away. Kybella® is an injectable that breaks down fat cells that make up a double chin, but Dr. Pierre can also use this cosmetic treatment in other areas to reduce isolated bulges.

Whether you want to smooth out cellulite, slim down bulging buttocks, or both, the Pierre Skin Care Institute team can help.

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