3 Unexpected Causes of Skin Cancer You Should Know

Summer may be over, but its damage is likely lasting. With this in mind, want to know more about what causes skin cancer? Our Westlake Village-based team at Pierre Skin Care Institute can provide more information. 

First, know that excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, whether from the sun or artificial sources, is the main cause of skin cancer. The sun’s rays can penetrate deep into the skin and cause genetic mutations in the DNA of skin cells. This damage accumulates over time, and an abnormal growth of skin cells might occur.

Sun damage is also often the leading cause of premature aging of your skin. Even if your skin doesn’t get burned, other forms of damage could be occurring on a cellular level. Much of the sun damage that occurs in your skin may not be immediately visible, but instead accumulates over the years.

Although damage is common and skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, it’s also highly preventable. It might seem to go without saying that spending hours at the beach on a sunny day without sunscreen would be damaging to your skin, but there are also some less obvious factors that can increase the risk of skin cancer. 

See below for three surprising causes and risk factors of skin cancer that you may be ignoring. 

Consuming Citrus

If you consume citrus at least once a day—such as a glass of orange juice—your skin will be more photosensitive because of compounds that these foods contain. Limit your sun exposure for a few hours after consuming citrus fruits. 

Having Red Hair or a Relative With Red Hair

Studies have shown that the genetic mutation that gives us red hair can also increase our risk of skin cancer. Even if you’re not red-haired yourself but carry the gene for it, you will have significantly more sun-associated genetic mutations than someone who doesn’t. 

Being a Frequent Flyer

The intensity of UV radiation increases significantly with every 3,000 feet you climb in an aircraft. The UV rays can penetrate through plane windows. Pilots and flight attendants have a much higher risk for skin cancer.

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