How Can Cellutone Benefit Me?

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Cellulite is caused by the development of a fat deposit underneath the surface of the skin. Once these fat deposits develop, you can start to see lumps or dimples on the skin near your thighs, stomach, butt, and hips. Everyone can have fat in these areas of the body, so there can be little you can do to prevent the development of cellulite. While staying at a healthy weight will make you less susceptible to cellulite, it may not completely prevent you from experiencing this unwanted appearance. If you are currently looking to get rid of your cellulite, then maybe it’s time you consider using Cellutone.

Cellutone is a non-invasive treatment designed to eliminate the appearance of cellulite on any patient. This is done by using a special vibration device that increases the oxygen and blood supply to your skin. This can quickly eliminate the fat deposits that are causing your cellulite. It can also help prevent the development of new fat deposits and cellulite in the future. There are typically no restrictions on who is a candidate, so anyone looking to improve their appearance may qualify to be a Cellutone patient.

One of the biggest benefits that help separate Cellutone from other cellulite reduction procedures is the quick and painless treatment process. Your problematic skin tissues can be treated using mechanical vibrations, making Cellutone a safe procedure.

The Cellutone treatment begins with the application of a gel to your skin. The handheld Cellutone device can then be placed directly on your skin. You can then feel the vibration energy while the device is working on your cellulite. The vibration energy may be delivered to every area of the body containing cellulite. It can take approximately four to six treatment sessions to deliver ideal results. These treatments can be administered over the course of two to three weeks.

While you may have to undergo multiple treatment sessions, you can likely see an improvement in your cellulite after the first appointment. These results can only continue to improve over time. The appearance and texture of your skin can significantly improve once your final results are revealed.

If you find yourself dealing with the presence of cellulite, and feel that you could benefit from Cellutone treatment, it may be time to reach out to our office here at Pierre Skin Care Institute. One of our caring professionals would love to assist you in exploring your options. Contact us today and schedule your consultation!

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