CELLUTONE for Safe and Effective Cellulite Reduction

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Cellulite exists as one of the most annoying dermatological conditions. It can affect people of all weights, sizes and ages. It’s also almost impossible to treat by changes in diet and exercise alone. It will persist due to the unique way that cellulite forms beneath the skin.

The good news is that developments in dermatological procedures have made it possible for cellulite to be effectively treated without the need for surgical procedures. This increases patient comfort, allows the skin to remain beautiful and helps to avoid the myriad of problems that patients can face when using more traditional treatments for cellulite. CELLUTONE™ is one of the most innovative and reliable methods for reducing and eliminating cellulite.

Why is Cellulite a Problem?

To understand how CELLUTONE™ works, it’s important that you first understand how cellulite develops and persists. Cellulite is a condition where fat pushes down upon a rigid structure like veins or nerves in a way that allows these structures to be seen on the surface of the skin. This is what allows cellulite to maintain that “cottage cheese” appearance.

Creams and other temporary measures only change the way you perceive the skin itself. It adds moisture, which can sometimes temporarily mask cellulite until the skin becomes dry again. The best way to permanently treat cellulite is to treat the physiological problems that allow it to persist beneath the skin. This often means reducing the pressure on rigid structures by changing the way that fat exists in areas that are prone to developing cellulite.

How Does CELLUTONE™ Treat Cellulite?

CELLUTONE™ is a unique treatment that operates using the power of vibrations. These vibrations interact with the undesirable fat cells by creating heat, which damages the cells so the body can remove them using the lymphatic system.

These therapeutic vibrations do have other effects that make CELLUTONE™ more effective when it comes to cellulite reduction. They increase blood flow, expedite waste and water removal and help to accelerate healing in treated areas.

This results in a greater immediate and future reduction of cellulite, and helps to protect treated areas from developing cellulite in the future. When combined with diet and exercise, this can help to reduce cellulite until it is next to invisible.

Is CELLUTONE™ Better Than Other Cellulite Treatments?

The best cellulite treatment will depend on a number of factors, which can include everything from your age to the condition of your body. Matching your unique needs with the right treatment is the majority of the battle when it comes to obtaining cellulite-free skin.

CELLUTONE™, despite this, tends to work for the majority of patients. This makes it both versatile and reliable, which can help it drastically reduce the amount of visible cellulite that you may have on your body.

To learn more about CELLUTONE™, or to see if this treatment is ideal for your body, schedule a consultation at Pierre Skin Care Institute in Thousand Oaks. We can use our vast experience to assess your body before matching you with the best treatment options for cellulite. Contact us today to book your appointment!

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