Does a Dermatologist Only Treat Skin?

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In the medical industry, there are specialists who are knowledgeable and trained to care for every aspect of the human body. From the outer structures like hair and nails to all of the inner workings of the body, like the bones, blood, and every system. These doctors and specialists spend countless hours, learning, training, and implementing what they know. They are normally required to increase their knowledge with all of the available updates in the professions. Learning never stops for them, the longer they practice in their field, the more knowledge they must obtain. For most doctors, learning in their area of practice does not restrict them to one field of study.

Dermatologists are doctors who are educated in the field of skin care. They go through the same rigorous training, internships, medical residency, and other requirements for doctors. They have to learn about more than just the skin and the many disorders that can occur. They have to be knowledgeable of the inner aspect of the body because usually, skin problems can be caused by other problems within the body. A simple pimple could result from too many fatty acids in the body. A skin rash may be the result of an infection inside the body. There are many skin diseases, and disorders that may have underlying medical causes.

Many of the duties of a dermatologist go far beyond their private practice. They may be called in as a consultant with a specialist when a patient has a disease of some kind that causes some skin discoloration, or pigments. Dermatologists are also involved in various research studies, and they are qualified to teach in the medical field. Dermatologists are often called upon to assist with specialists who are treating burn victims. Their expertise is essential when devising treatments and aftercare. They sometimes work closely with internists and other specialty doctors. Some illnesses have devastating effects on the skin. The dermatologist will need to know what is going on inside the body in order to treat the outside of the body.

Their research studies range farther than just skin related studies. They have the competency to add insight to any medical research. Dermatologists have to have the knowledge of how the general disease that can affect the body can be reflected in the symptoms of the skin. It would appear that a dermatologist would have a dual degree.

Their studies are no different than those of a doctor specializing in other areas. Their course of study includes biochemistry, physiology, pathology, microbiology, and other sciences.

Along with diagnosing and treating problems of the skin, they are the specialist to see for any problems with the hair. The doctors consult with medical doctors for this issue because the cause of hair loss could be related to an internal problem. If there is a skin situation related to cancer or other illness, the dermatologist then becomes part of the cancer care team of oncologists and clinicians to treat both problems.

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