Get Rid of Wrinkles Around the Mouth with Juvederm Volbella in Thousand Oaks

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Have you noticed a difference in the fullness of your lips lately? Perhaps they seem less pouty than in the past. You might also have started to see fine lines make an appearance around your mouth. This isn’t unusual and is an expected sign of aging. Just because it’s expected, however, doesn’t mean you simply have to accept it. If you miss your full pout and want to erase those little lines, or if you’ve always had thin lips, you’re in luck. Juvederm Volbella® is an injectable that can help, and it’s readily available at our office in Thousand Oaks.

About Juvederm Volbella®

Juvederm Volbella® is a treatment in the category of cosmetic products known as dermal fillers. It’s FDA-approved to define your lips, as well as to fill in the tiny lines surrounding them. This is a non-surgical cosmetic option. The main ingredient is hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance found in your body that provides fullness to areas such as the lips and cheeks by providing cushioning between the cells. With age, this substance is lost. Because hyaluronic acid is natural, there’s no need to worry about an allergic reaction due to treatment.

Why Juvederm Volbella® is Different

The hyaluronic acid particles used in Juvederm Volbella® are quite small, resulting in a more natural-looking lip than some other procedures. You don’t have to worry about your lips appearing over-inflated or that it will be apparent you’ve undergone a procedure. This product uses a patented process known as Vycross Technology to achieve a softer, fuller pout that can last for up to one year. This technology, combined with the moisturizing effects of the hyaluronic acid, accounts for the long-lasting results you can expect with Juvederm Volbella®.

What to Expect

The procedure is performed in the comfort of our office in Thousand Oaks. You should be able to return to your everyday routine immediately following your treatment. The treatments can be repeated as needed for ongoing results.

Are you ready to learn more about achieving a fuller pout with fewer lines around the mouth? Get in touch with us at Pierre Skin Care Institute in Thousand Oaks to see if Juvederm Volbella® can work for you. Whether you live in Westlake Village or the surrounding area, contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more!

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