How CoolSculpting® Improves Love Handles

Patients often hope to achieve a slimmer waist with body contouring treatments, whether as a way to create a more hourglass-like figure for women or to sculpt a V-shaped, athletic-looking torso for men. The flanks, which are the areas on the sides of the body that extend between the rib cage and hip bone, often accumulate excess fat. These areas of skin and fat that stick out are sometimes called love handles. Despite the cute-sounding name, some people are self-conscious about them, and they can look particularly prominent when you’re wearing tight shirts. But how can you actually get rid of this type of fat for good? We recommend CoolSculpting® for Simi Valley patients who want to reduce their love handles.

For men in particular, the torso tends to be a default area to store extra fat. Men typically have more fat cells in this area, so love handles are a very common problem. Age and genetics also play a role in how body fat is stored. Even for the fittest people who spend endless time at the gym, this extra fat can be untouchable and often makes it difficult to get that desirable “shredded” look. CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive, fat reduction procedure that’s FDA-cleared for treating the flank areas.

In fact, CoolSculpting® is ideal for addressing any stubborn, isolated pockets of fat that you can’t spot reduce via dieting or get rid of with intense exercise. To reduce love handles, the device pulls the tissue on your back and hips between two panels and cools the soft fat below your skin to a temperature that freezes the fat cells without harming your skin or other tissues. This strategy reduces the fat volume by about 20 to 25 percent, working gradually, as it takes several months for your body to metabolize the dead cells. Eventually, you’ll begin to notice a slimmer waistline with less “grabbable” fat on your flanks. In other words, say goodbye to your love handles.

For more details on CoolSculpting® from Pierre Skin Care Institute, or to discuss reducing excess, resistant fat without surgery, get in touch with our team today. To request an appointment, call us at 805-496-9190 or submit a contact form to find out which cosmetic treatments will best help you achieve your goals.

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