How Do Chemical Peels Actually Work?

Chemical peels, which are also known as chemexfoliation or chemical exfoliation, are a cosmetic procedure that can improve everything from pigmentation irregularities to acne as a way of enhancing the appearance of the skin. As techniques have become increasingly advanced in recent times, chemical peels can deliver stunning results—with little or no downtime in some cases. There’s a reason why chemical peels have been in use for millennia. You’ve probably heard others praising the results of these treatments but may have wondered how effective they are. Are you wondering how a chemical peeling treatment at our Westlake Village-based Pierre Skin Care Institute actually works? This is what you should know about these treatments. 

Simply put, a chemical peel is a solution—usually an acid—that causes trauma or injury to the outermost layers of skin. When a peel is applied to the skin, it causes it to “blister” and be sloughed away. While this may sound harsh, it’s actually an ideal way to reveal smoother, more youthful, and less damaged skin, as well as to stimulate the growth of new cells, collagen, and elastin.

In other words, the destruction promotes highly beneficial regenerative processes in the skin. 

Because of their ease and versatility, peels are a popular way to address a variety of cosmetic concerns without the need for high-tech equipment. The conditions treated—and how dramatic the results are—depend on several factors that impact the depth of the peel, including the specific chemicals used, the concentration of the acid, the application technique, the thickness of the patient’s skin, natural sebum production, and the skin barrier’s current health. 

Ingredients—including exfoliating acids such as glycolic acid and salicylic acid-—are tailored to fit each patient’s skin type and goals. Peels that have a higher concentration of acids or other active ingredients will be stronger. 

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