Is Laser Hair Removal Right For Me?

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Have you ever considered laser hair removal? If so, Pierre Skin Care Institute is here to solve your unwanted hair problems. So if you are tired of spending the money on razor after razor or you don’t have the time to invest into continuous hair removal just to end up with the same results at the end of every month, this may be for you. Here are some things we think are important for you to know will give you peace of mind and help you decide if this is a good option for you.

Does Hair or Skin Type Matter?

The use of lasers to remove hair has been a safe and effective way to permanently remove hair for several decades now. However, it may not be the best option for some people. Laser hair removal works by targeting specific hair follicles with a highly concentrated light beam that the pigments absorb and causes them to heat up. This heat in the pigments destroys any existing hair and damages the production of further hair.

However, not everyone carries the same amount of pigments in their hair follicles. This makes it difficult for the laser to lock onto the hair follicle and even harder for the pigment to react properly to the treatment. For example, those with naturally blonde, red, strawberry blonde, and white or very fine hair rarely have enough pigment in the follicle to see the results that they want.

The ideal candidate for such a treatment is fair skinned with dark, coarse hair. However, this does not mean that people with light hair or dark skin will not benefit from these treatments. It may just take a bit longer if you have light colored hair. Recent developments in technology have helped with the treatment of patients with darker skin. We have found that by reducing the amount of energy used and using longer wavelengths of light, we can achieve better results than we previously had.

How Much Time Does Laser Hair Removal Take?

Treatment with laser hair removal is quick. The time spent on a treatment will depend on the size of the area being treated. It can take as little as eight to ten minutes for the upper lip and tops of ears. 20 minutes is about all it takes for a full bikini or underarm treatment. Larger areas can take at least an hour. Results are usually seen within the first few weeks.

Most patients will need 5-10 treatments on any given area, and these treatments should be scheduled at least eight weeks apart. Hair grows in cycles. Therefore, several treatments are needed on the same area before the patient will see all of the hair affected. Different parts of the body have different hair growing cycle lengths. The face, for example, has a shorter cycle time (about eight weeks) and can be treated more often. The legs and back can go longer without treatment, usually about 10-12 weeks.

How Much Does It Cost? 

If you are not using laser hair removal, you are most likely buying wax, razors, shaving cream, depilatory creams or other expensive treatment options several times a year or even several times a month. Once you use laser hair removal, these expenses become obsolete. Currently, you can get a treatment for as little as $50 or as much as $600, depending on the area being treated. Laser hair removal may cost more up front than these products, but it is a onetime thing. You will never have to spend money on hair removal again.

What Should I Avoid Before And After My Treatment?

Before you come in for a treatment, it is important that you have shaved the area to be treated. This ensures that no hair will be on the surface to be singed or burned. Be sure to only shave the area. The lasers are trained to focus on the root of the hair in the follicle and deliver enough heat that the follicle stops producing hair permanently. If there is no root due to waxing or tweezing, then the laser cannot do its job.

Afterward, it is recommended that you avoid direct sunlight, swimming pools and hot tubs, makeup and perfume for at least 24-48 hours, as the skin will be sensitive and healing. Adding extra heat and chemicals to it will only delay the process and cause undue risk.

If treatment for laser hair removal sounds like something, you might be interested in please contact the professionals at Pierre Skin Care Institute for a consultation today.

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