Juvederm in Thousand Oaks: Who Can Benefit?

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Juvederm® is a popular injectable treatment that has been taking the world by storm. This newer dermal filler is a good choice for those in Thousand Oaks desiring natural-looking results that last for quite a while. This dermal filler is making a lot of news lately for its spectacular results that can decrease those telltale facial lines that many want to eliminate or improve.

Juvederm® is a newer dermal facial filler that works quickly to restore the younger look of skin by plumping and moisturizing the treatment area. This safe, FDA-approved treatment targets the underneath dermal layers to promote younger and betting-looking skin.

This beautifying regimen is a perfect start to improving the firmness and elasticity that skin tends to lose naturally as it ages. This treatment is allowing many men and women in the Thousand Oaks region to look and feel their best. The natural-looking results give patients a gorgeous skin complexion that others will admire without realizing that a professional treatment was responsible for the great results.

Juvederm® typically only requires a quick treatment in the comfort of our office in Thousand Oaks. During the appointment, the solution is skillfully injected into the preselected areas. This impressive dermal filler technique doesn’t require hours of treatment time or downtime, and most patients enjoy their results for multiple months to a year or more, depending on the situation, as well as the specific Juvederm® product that was used.

Many patients and doctors prefer Juvederm® dermal fillers for lip enhancement treatments that end up looking completely natural, and the results tend to stay longer than other types of dermal filler treatments. The small and crinkly lines around the lips are most often treated with this more natural dermal filler, which has the added benefits of delivering a softer-looking skin region around this more sensitive area. The results typically appear as smoother skin that plumbs the lip regions while also plumping and adding additional moisture to those lip areas that have developed unwanted lines and wrinkles.

Whether you’re looking to achieve fuller lips or you simply want to minimize some of the common signs of aging, it’s likely that one of our Juvederm® formulations at Pierre Skin Care Institute will work for you. Schedule an appointment at our office in Thousand Oaks to learn more. We proudly serve clients in Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to book a consultation!

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