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Is it really realistic to think that you can look years younger with just a simple BOTOX® treatment? The answer to that question is yes. And this is not something that individuals who sell the product have just made up in order to advertise the product. The individuals who have used this product are a living testament to the fact that BOTOX® injections really work. Of course, results vary from patient to patient, but this treatment really has the potential to help you look younger.

What is it about a person that makes them look old? One of the biggest contributing factors is having wrinkles on their face. BOTOX® injections work to eliminate dynamic wrinkles. When these wrinkles are smoothed away, you can look much younger. And the great thing about using this treatment is that the results are not so dramatic that other people are going to know that you had anything done. People will likely just say that you look happier, well-rested and refreshed. This basically translates into looking younger. It allows you to look your best for your age.

In order to really understand the way that BOTOX® injections work, you need to have an understanding of why dynamic wrinkles form. You can see dynamic wrinkles on your face if you look in the mirror and then frown. Or you can smile or squint. Notice the way your skin changes when you make different expressions. In your younger years, when you made these expressions, you would likely have noticed that the skin creased when the muscles in your face contracted, but then the skin just went back to being smooth and soft as soon as your face was in a rested position. Now the years have passed and you have made those expressions hundreds and hundreds of times. So, when you smile or frown, the creases are left in your face even when your muscles are relaxed.

During this treatment, the BOTOX® solution is skillfully injected into certain facial muscles in order to relax them. So, the muscles are not going to contract with the same intensity as they did before. This means that your skin is going to stay looking smooth. However, it does not mean that you will not be able to smile, frown or make other expressions. Your expressions are just going to be softer, which means that you will look younger.

BOTOX® is a great way to help you enjoy a more youthful look. During a consultation at Pierre Skin Care Institute in Thousand Oaks, you can get all the facts about this popular treatment. We happily serve men and women in the Westlake Village and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for BOTOX® injections!

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