miraDry® vs. Botox®: Which is Better for Excessive Sweating?

A moderate amount of sweating when you’ve exerted yourself at the gym or are exposed to hot temperatures is completely normal. Constant excessive sweating, however—which is usually linked to a condition called hyperhidrosis—can have a detrimental effect on your overall quality of life. This disorder causes you to sweat heavily for no reason. As a result, dripping hands, soaked-through shirts, and unwanted odor can be difficult to manage during daily life, causing personal and social embarrassment. If strong antiperspirants and other home remedies haven’t helped with your sweating, there are various other options that can prove beneficial, including miraDry® and BOTOX®. Patients are often unsure about which one will be more effective for their specific situation. At Pierre Skin Care Institute, we can help you decide whether BOTOX® or miraDry® at our Thousand Oaks office is the better option.

Here is a basic rundown of what’s involved in each procedure. Both are non-surgical and don’t require any recovery time:


miraDry is the only non-surgical technique that actually does away with sweat and odor glands for good, using thermal energy. Getting rid of the glands gets rid of the problem, since fewer glands means less sweat. Patients may sometimes need multiple treatments to achieve optimal results. Unlike BOTOX®, miraDry® not only decreases the amount of sweat in the underarm area, but can also reduce odor and hair. Glands do not regrow, so this is a lifetime result.


This injectable has traditionally been used for making the skin on the face and neck look smoother and more youthful by reducing wrinkles that are caused by active muscles that stretch the skin during facial movements or expressions. The diluted botulinum toxin temporarily stops messages from the nerves from getting to their target, thereby preventing contractions in isolated spots on the face.

In addition to treating facial lines, BOTOX® has been FDA approved for decreasing underarm sweat by preventing sweat glands in the underarms from functioning as they should. The process works the same way as it does on the face: The formula is administered with a very fine needle, after which sweat-triggering messages are unable to arrive at their intended glands. No message received means no perspiration triggered. Unlike miraDry®, BOTOX® is a temporary solution, with results that last around six to seven months on average. Patients will require additional treatments to maintain their desired results.

Find out more about BOTOX® and miraDry® for reducing excessive sweating from Thousand Oaks’ Pierre Skin Care Institute. To request an appointment, give us a call at 805-496-9190 or submit a contact form to find out which cosmetic treatments are best for you.

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