Reasons to See a Dermatologist

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A dermatologist is a medical expert who specializes in conditions of the skin, hair and nails. Many people are unsure of the advantages seeing such a doctor can provide. You may think that seeing your general practitioner or even talking to a consultant at the beauty counter may suffice when it comes to seemingly minor skin issues. However, our dermatologist at Pierre Skin Care Institute has an in-depth understanding of the components of the skin, how it works, specific conditions that affect the skin and how to treat them.

Dermatologist Expertise

The most obvious reason to visit our dermatologist over another type of practitioner is that he has spent years studying the skin, along with the hair and nails. Our doctor is more knowledgeable about treating both basic and more advanced skin problems than a general practitioner. In addition, he continues to gain advanced knowledge throughout his practice in the form of conferences, medical journals and memberships to professional organizations.

Time Saved

Since dermatologists are skin care experts, you’ll save time, and likely money, by visiting our office. Our doctor’s familiarity with all things skin related allows him to identify issues others may not understand. This insight can save you from having to undergo numerous tests and follow-up visits. If our dermatologist is not certain of your particular issue, it’s likely that he will know the most accurate test to perform in order to diagnose it.

Obtain Effective Treatment

There are a number of skin conditions with incredibly similar symptoms. General practitioners can easily misdiagnose your problem, leading to wasted time and possible side effects from the wrong treatment. Our experienced dermatologist is more likely to provide you with an accurate diagnosis the first time, allowing you to clear it up more effectively.

Receive Preventative Exams

When possible, prevention is the best approach to take with regard to medical issues. Our dermatologist can provide you with a preventative examination or laboratory testing that will identify possible signs of skin conditions before they become a larger problem. Early detection is crucial when it comes to issues like skin cancer.

Receive Safe Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic procedures like chemical peels, Juvederm Volbella® and body contouring treatments are becoming more and more popular. Some of these treatments can be performed by operators within beauty salons or by other types of practitioners. However, it may not be wise to seek treatment from such establishments, as it’s important that the practitioner is trained in each kind of treatment. Improper training is more common than you might think and can lead to uncomfortable or damaging side effects. It is important to always seek treatment from a professional who has been adequately trained in performing specific cosmetic procedures.

These are just some of the top reasons to visit a dermatologist. Your health is worth a visit to a professional. The team at Pierre Skin Care Institute wants to help you look and feel your best and maintain optimal health. Our office is located in Thousand Oaks, and we happily serve clients in the Westlake Village and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about our services and how they can benefit you.

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