What Can Be Done to Make CoolSculpting® More Effective?

We all store fat differently, which is why each person’s body shape is unique. Building the body type you want isn’t just about shedding extra pounds, it’s also about how our weight is distributed. Even after losing weight, we sometimes wish we could change our body shape itself to make it more of what we consider to be aesthetically pleasing. For instance, men might want a slimmer waistline to give them a more V-shaped torso, while women might want to sculpt more defined curves. CoolSculpting®, which is often referred to as fat freezing at our Westlake Village office, is one of the most effective non-surgical techniques to finally remove significant fat from problem areas you may be self-conscious about. This includes love handles on the flanks, bulky outer thighs, and a bulge on the stomach.

We know everyone wants to get the most out of this cosmetic procedure, so we’re sharing some tips for what patients can do to optimize their results from non-surgical body contouring. 


Some evidence indicates that getting a massage right after a CoolSculpting® session may improve your fat-reducing results significantly within the first few months, because the massage helps the body to break down the fat cells at a faster rate. During your consultation, you can ask us how do post-treatment massages at home after the procedure. 

Increased Water Intake

Although it probably won’t make a noticeably significant difference to your results, you need to stay properly hydrated after a CoolSculpting® session because it helps your body to heal and metabolize fat cells faster. 

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle 

With any cosmetic procedure, a healthy lifestyle will help you to optimize results—and CoolSculpting® is no exception. Exercising and being careful about your food intake will help you to get faster results. It’s also best to improve your diet by eating fewer processed foods while increasing your intake of protein and plant-based foods. 

Want to sculpt a more proportional body shape? Have your questions about fat freezing answered by the Pierre Skin Care Institute team. Call us at 805-496-9190 or fill out a contact form online if you would like to meet with us for a consultation. 

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