What Can SkinMedica Do for You?

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SkinMedica® was founded in 1999 with a mission to help patients who were seeking healthier skin. The company’s co-founded, well-known dermatologist, Richard Fitzpatrick, wanted to develop a way to heal the skin from within and slow the aging process. The first product in this truly innovative company’s line was launched that year. Since then, there have been more products created, all of which are built on science to work with your skin in ways that correct past damage and work to prepare skin for the future. Discover what SkinMedica® can do for you and how it’s different from over-the-counter options.

SkinMedica® History

True to the founders’ vision, SkinMedica® has been dedicated to using science to bring incredible skin care products to the public. A year after its founding and first product launch, scientists at the company were issued a patent to begin studying growth factor technology for the revolutionary product, TNS – Tissue Nutrient Solution. Over the next several years, the TNS line grew, built on the use of growth factors, along with ingredients like antioxidants and peptides. In 2011, SkinMedica® continued to demonstrate their commitment to scientific advances in skin care by establishing SkinMedica® Aesthetic Clinic, a lab where cosmetic chemists and other scientists could focus on conducting studies that would bring further innovations in the field. The company aligned its brand with the well-known Allergan® in order to advance clinical studies in skin biology. Big changes occurred in 2015 when SkinMedica® moved its headquarters to Irvine to expand within Allergan®, creating additional clinical research sites and labs.

Why SkinMedica® is Different

As you can see, it’s the revolutionary commitment to science that makes this brand soar beyond others in skin care. Scientists within the company have developed unique ways to capitalize on your skin’s own properties to transform it from the inside out. Nearly two decades of quality scientific research has yielded a wide array of products to treat nearly any skin specific need. Another advantage of this line is that our dermatologist can help to customize a product regimen that’s just right for you and your unique needs. These amazing products were developed to promote long-term skin health.

Learn More During a Consultation

The scientific advances that are behind this innovative brand make SkinMedica® different than any product you’ll find at the drug store or even the fancy department store counters. You can ask us for more information about SkinMedica® during your initial appointment at Pierre Skin Care Institute. Our office is located in Thousand Oaks and we happily serve clients in the Westlake Village area. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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