What Makes CoolSculpting So Amazing?

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No matter how hard you may work out, you may still be left with areas of stubborn fat even if you are at your goal weight. This fat may be a result of aging, hormonal changes, past surgeries, pregnancies or massive weight loss that may have left your body healthy but not in the shape that you wished. With CoolSculpting®, you can literally create a new body shape by freezing away unwanted fat cells and showing off your gorgeous curves. We are here to help you see how amazing CoolSculpting® really is.

CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive treatment. It does all of its work from the surface of your skin. Also, because CoolSculpting® uses such cold temperatures, it will naturally numb your skin, meaning that you will not need any anesthesia or sedation to remain comfortable throughout your treatment.

This treatment is ideal for busy adults in Westlake Village and surrounding areas who do not have a lot of time to devote to body treatments but who want quick and effective results. A single session on one area of your body may only take 60 minutes, and you will be able to get something done while you sit in our office during your treatment. Some of our clients bring work in while others read or rest. After your treatment, you can immediately go back to work or move on to other scheduled activities that you have without having to worry about recovery time.

CoolSculpting® is a safer alternative to other invasive treatments. And it can be used on numerous areas of the body with great results. It can even treat smaller areas with great success, helping you look younger and giving you great self-esteem.

This is a permanent solution as long as you continue to treat your body right with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Once the fat cells are removed from your body, they can never be recreated. Therefore, your body will always have a lower number of fat cells than it once did. However, keep in mind that the fat cells that you are left with can become larger if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle.

If you are ready to see for yourself how amazing CoolSculpting® is, visit Pierre Skin Care Institute in Thousand Oaks. Contact us today to book a consultation!

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