What’s the Best Treatment for Summer Sun Damage?

Did you know that—aside from normal aging—sun exposure is what causes the most damage to your skin? Sunburns aren’t the only thing we need to worry about, however, as even getting a “base tan” and having cumulative exposure to the sun throughout one’s lifetime is destructive. The sun’s rays penetrate the layers of skin and reach well into the dermis, causing collagen (the protein that maintains the skin’s structure) to break down at a faster rate than usual, while also causing excessive production of melanin (the pigment that gives your skin its color). Since the sun’s rays are most powerful during the summertime and you’re also exposed to higher temperatures and drier weather, it’s common for skin concerns like wrinkles, lines, acne, sagging skin, leathery skin patches, broken blood vessels, and hyperpigmentation to flare up during this time. CODot Therapy from our Westlake Village practice can help to clear up the discoloration and other skin woes caused by extensive sun damage. See below for some of the main benefits of this treatment:

Less Downtime than Ablative Resurfacing

This skin resurfacing technique has a shorter recovery time in comparison to traditional ablative laser options, because the energy it gives off is split up into tiny columns so that only a fraction of the skin is treated in each session, which speeds up wound healing.

Reduced Risk of Side Effects 

CODot Therapy only targets small areas on the skin instead of an entire surface, so it has a lower risk of side effects. 

Addresses Textural Problems 

Unlike some laser options that primarily reduce excess pigmentation, this treatment addresses all layers of the skin to correct wrinkles, sun damage, and acne scars at the same time. 

Encourages Collagen Regeneration 

Fractional laser treatments restore healthy skin from the inside out by triggering the production of new collagen, as well as the growth of healthy skin cells to rebuild healthy skin tissue. 

Learn more about laser skin resurfacing with CODot Therapy, available at Pierre Skin Care Institute. Call our office at 805-496-9190, or submit a contact form to set up an appointment and find out how aesthetic treatments can help you restore a clearer, more even skin tone. 

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