Who is the Ideal Candidate for CoolSculpting®?

Ever wonder why you can lose weight and get fitter through exercise and other healthy lifestyle choices, but it seems to be impossible to tone up certain areas on the body, such as your stomach, flanks, or outer thighs? That’s because your body is “programmed” to lose weight in some areas and gain weight in others because of factors such as hormones, genetics, sex, and age. Sadly, science has shown that spot reduction just isn’t possible with exercise. In other words, we can’t control where we lose weight from when we burn fat by creating a calorie deficit. We also can’t control how quickly our bodies shed extra weight. Even though you might like the new muscle structure and reduced overall bulk from working out, it can be frustrating when you’re still not getting the body shape you want. What to do? Fat freezing from our Westlake Village-based practice has been shown to be an effective way of removing some of the stubborn fat from isolated areas. 

CoolSculpting® is best for people who:

  • Want to get modest improvements to their body shape instead of the type of major fat reduction that could be achieved with plastic surgery 
  • Are at a stable weight but have some excess, stubborn fat that resists diet and exercise 
  • Are generally in a good state of health
  • Have visible fat bulges in areas such as the belly, love handles, arms, and thighs 
  • Do not have medical conditions that would make the procedure riskier, such as cold urticaria, Raynaud’s, severe varicose veins, dermatitis, or other types of cutaneous lesions
  • Have a good skin tone, since CoolSculpting® works most effectively on patients with younger skin that is firm and elastic
  • Have soft, pinchable, below the skin fat, because if the tissue is too thick and firm, or it’s located deep in the abdomen instead of directly below the skin, the cooling panels won’t be able to access and treat it 

Our team can develop a treatment plan for you based on your physical characteristics and goals. 

Ready to get started? Find out more about the pros and cons of fat freezing with CoolSculpting® at Pierre Skin Care Institute. Call us today at 805-496-9190, or submit a contact form to request a consultation and discuss your body-contouring goals. 

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