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How Does DiamondGlow™ Compare to Traditional Facials?

Your skin—unfortunately—isn’t getting any younger. In addition to being exposed to dirt, toxins, and other stressors each day, you also lose a small percentage of collagen each year. Even though you can and should take great care of your skin with a good at-home skin care routine, every so often it’s best to let the …

Back to School Skin Care: DiamondGlow™ and Other Techniques for Radiant Skin

There’s a lot to look forward to as you get back into your school routine, whether that means going off to college and settling into a dorm or studying online from home. Along with new textbooks and other supplies, don’t forget that you may need to make some changes to your skin care routine as …

Can Facial Rollers Actually Improve Your Complexion?

You’ve probably heard of or seen facial rollers made of jade, or rose quartz, as they’re one of the most popular beauty gadgets at the moment, but you may be skeptical about whether it’s actually worth your time and money to try them out. While they are not collagen-inducing treatments like skin needling, our Westlake Village-based …

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