Back to School Skin Care: DiamondGlow™ and Other Techniques for Radiant Skin

There’s a lot to look forward to as you get back into your school routine, whether that means going off to college and settling into a dorm or studying online from home. Along with new textbooks and other supplies, don’t forget that you may need to make some changes to your skin care routine as the weather begins to cool down. All of the added stress, anxiety, late nights, junk food, and a packed social schedule can be rough on the skin—especially if you’re starting a semester in a new environment. While this time can be challenging, it’s also a great opportunity to re-think how you’re caring for your skin before you get too busy with classes and studying again. DiamondGlow from our Westlake Village-based Pierre Skin Care Institute team is a quick way of pampering your skin if you want to get it in shape for a new school year. 

This next-level facial treatment deeply cleanses, exfoliates, removes impurities, and infuses nourishing serums. In addition to getting this advanced skin treatment before you start classes, here’s what else you can do to preserve healthy skin and avoid flare-ups of acne or other skin conditions this fall:

Don’t Forget to Remove Makeup

Falling asleep without taking off your makeup is notorious for being one of the biggest skin care blunders you can make, because not removing the makeup, dirt, oil, and bacteria that accumulate on your skin during the day is one of the leading causes of breakouts. Even though you might be exhausted from an all-nighter, don’t forget to remove all of the makeup—and double cleanse if you need to!

Hydrate and Protect 

Even though you won’t be getting as much sun exposure in the months with shorter days, you still need to apply broad-spectrum sunscreen each day and combine it with a non-comedogenic moisturizer that won’t block pores. 

Try Sheet Masks

Adding facial sheet masks to your weekly routine is a great way to temporarily calm and rejuvenate irritated skin by infusing the skin with powerful ingredients. Look for masks that are suited to your specific concerns, such as dry skin, oily skin, pigmentation, or acne. 

For more details on DiamondGlow and other rejuvenating options contact us at Pierre Skin Care Institute. Call 805-496-9190, or submit a contact form to set up a consultation and discuss your skin care goals with us. 

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