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Can Facial Rollers Actually Improve Your Complexion?

You’ve probably heard of or seen facial rollers made of jade, or rose quartz, as they’re one of the most popular beauty gadgets at the moment, but you may be skeptical about whether it’s actually worth your time and money to try them out. While they are not collagen-inducing treatments like skin needling, our Westlake Village-based …

3 Tips for Getting Hydrated, Dewy Skin Without Makeup

When it comes to temporarily addressing wrinkles—like tiny lines around the eyes or horizontal creases on the forehead—neuromodulators at Westlake Village’s Pierre Skin Care Institute are a go-to option for many patients. Dr. Peterson Pierre is always happy to explain the rejuvenating powers of BOTOX®, but he also recommends keeping your skin moisturized to soften …

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