Can Facial Rollers Actually Improve Your Complexion?

You’ve probably heard of or seen facial rollers made of jade, or rose quartz, as they’re one of the most popular beauty gadgets at the moment, but you may be skeptical about whether it’s actually worth your time and money to try them out. While they are not collagen-inducing treatments like skin needling, our Westlake Village-based team explains that you can use facial rollers to your benefit.

People seeking a beautiful, more youthful complexion have used skin rollers as part of a daily skincare regimen since ancient times. Facial rollers stimulate circulation in the skin to revitalize it from the inside out, since blood carries oxygen where needed and creates conditions that are ideal for healthy processes and healing.

Again, if you want a more dramatic improvement of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as laxity, microneedling is a better choice. But here are some of the possible benefits you could enjoy after using a roller on your face. 

Enhanced Blood Circulation

If your skin is looking out of shape with a pale, discolored, and lackluster appearance, poor circulation might be causing it to appear unbalanced. Facial massage rollers promote blood flow to the skin so that oxygen and nutrients get to the cells more easily. The skin looks brighter and more “awake” as a result. This also stimulates fluid drainage so that the face looks less puffy. 

Soothes Skin and Reduces Inflammation

Since the crystal is naturally cold against the skin and can be refrigerated, it can help to calm your skin while managing inflammation and redness. 

Improves Absorption and Distribution of Products

Face rollers will allow topical products like moisturizers, serums, and oils to penetrate more deeply into the skin layers. You can also use a roller after makeup to give it a more blended, subtle appearance. 

Better Skin Tone and Elasticity

There’s some evidence to suggest that manual facial deep massages or massages with rollers encourage collagen production and temporarily tighten the skin. Will you see this benefit? It’s possible, but if you truly want to improve the overall health and quality of your skin, our team can provide advice on cosmetic procedures at Pierre Skin Care Institute. Contact us by calling 805-496-9190 to get in touch, or submit a contact form to request an appointment and we will get back to you shortly. 

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