Do Facial Fillers Work Right Away?

There are many factors that can negatively affect our skin, including everything from normal aging to exposure to pollutants and harsh weather changes. Bad habits—such as eating too much refined sugar, being constantly stressed, or failing to get enough sleep—can also damage the skin. For anyone dealing with the fallout from these factors, maintaining a proper skin care routine is key. In-office cosmetic treatments can also help restore skin to a younger and clearer appearance so that we look our best. The great thing about most injectable treatments for wrinkles is that there is little to no downtime afterward and no scarring. Fillers are injected beneath the skin and add fullness to thinning or wrinkled areas as a way of giving the skin a smoother, younger, and fuller look. One of the questions we get asked a lot at Pierre Skin Care Institute is, “Do dermal fillers work immediately?” Our Westlake Village-based team will often recommend facial fillers for patients who want fast results because—unlike many other skin rejuvenation treatments—some improvement can be seen right away after most types of filler injections. 

Fillers have so little downtime and side effects that patients will be able to get back to their regularly scheduled life as soon as they would like. However, it should be noted that the length of time it takes for the results from fillers to show depends on what type of filler you have injected. The results from hyaluronic acid filler collections such as Juvéderm®can be seen as soon as the treatment is over, with new volume smoothing the surface or shaping youthful contours. 

This is as opposed to neurotoxins, which may take several days to begin working on the targeted facial muscles. However, your skin may also take some time to adjust to the presence of the filler. There will usually be some swelling and bruising around the injection area for a few days, all of which can affect your appearance. Patients may also initially notice an “overfilled” look and even feel some palpable lumps or hard areas, but these side effects will quickly resolve on their own. 

Other fillers focus less on providing volume on their own and instead encourage natural collagen production. The results from these injections can take weeks to months to become visible, since collagen creation is gradual and the levels have to build up over time to be noticeable.

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