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Maintain Glowing Skin with Combination Treatments

Wrinkles and discolorations are typical skin concerns. Dermatologists provide cosmetic procedures that reduce these signs of aging more effectively than topical, over-the-counter skin products. Patients who have acne, skin damage, or need specialized care for a condition that is affecting the appearance of their skin can talk to the Pierre Skin Care Institute about their …

Lip Injections: Which Type of Juvederm® Filler Plumps Lips?

Late summer in California is a great time for trying out any kind of injectable, as fillers and BOTOX® aren’t impacted much by high temperatures or sun exposure, and you won’t need any downtime at home to recover—so you can go back to enjoying seasonal fun right away. If you’ve always had naturally smaller lips …

Which Area of the Face Does Juvederm Volbella Treat?

Juvederm Volbella® is a dermal filler designed to provide the lips with volume and youthful elegance. It also works to soften local wrinkles in the area, resulting in a smoother and more supple appearance. We at Pierre Skin Care Institute are proud to offer this excellent cosmetic solution to our patients and encourage you to …

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