Maintain Glowing Skin with Combination Treatments

Wrinkles and discolorations are typical skin concerns. Dermatologists provide cosmetic procedures that reduce these signs of aging more effectively than topical, over-the-counter skin products. Patients who have acne, skin damage, or need specialized care for a condition that is affecting the appearance of their skin can talk to the Pierre Skin Care Institute about their services relating to dermatology in Westlake Village. If you want your most radiant, clear complexion possible, you should know that the different types of injectables and skin resurfacing options available can often complement each other and be combined to boost results.

Each patient’s procedure will be different: Combination treatments are versatile and customized based on the areas each patient wants to target. Read on for some of the most common ways that cosmetic skin treatments can be used together:

BOTOX® and Facial Fillers

Although they are often mistakenly thought of as being the same thing, BOTOX® and filler injections accomplish different effects, and each has its own unique strengths. Patients could use BOTOX® to reduce dynamic wrinkles that are associated with repeated facial expressions or movements, such as the crow’s feet and forehead lines that are visible when your face is animated.

However, BOTOX® won’t be effective for the static wrinkles that remain visible when your face is at rest and aren’t caused by muscle activity. Fillers are designed to address those static wrinkles linked to sun damage, gravity, internal aging, or other causes. Multiple injections of fillers and BOTOX® can be combined to treat different types of wrinkles or asymmetry and various areas of the face at the same time, as part of what is known as a “liquid facelift” for more comprehensive rejuvenation in just one session.

Microneedling and IPL

Microneedling and intense pulsed light (IPL) are two skin resurfacing treatments that target similar irregularities of the skin tone and texture, such as static wrinkles, pigmentation issues like age spots and sun damage, and rosacea. Microneedling also reduces scarring and stretch marks. These treatments pair well together, as IPL uses light energy to clear up damage on the skin’s surface while microneedling stimulates collagen regeneration in the skin layers to improve skin health from the inside out.

Explore medical and cosmetic dermatology at Pierre Skin Care Institute to learn more about the benefits of combined treatments. Call us at 805-496-9190, or fill out a contact form to set up an appointment.

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